From the continents of North America, Africa and Europe, Dr. James “Bamidele” Sturdivant is known worldwide as a blessing to the body of Christ. His unique style of simply – yet powerfully – conveying Biblical principles has drawn millions to the Cross and set the stage for massive deliverances and healings in the lives of God’s people.  A native Washingtonian, Bamidele Sturdivant has made a divine connection to Nigeria through his God-appointed relationship with his Father in the Lord – E.A. Adeboye. Heralded by Newsweek as one of the most powerful world leaders, Adeboye has fully received Dr. Sturdivant as a special son and poured mightily into his life in immeasurable ways. Adeboye – with the care of a father – named Dr. Sturdivant “Bamidele,” which is translated to mean follow me home.  Their relationship mirrors that of the prophet Elijah and his protégé, Elisha. As with these Biblical men of God, Dr. Sturdivant has seen the ascension of Adeboye to great heights in the Lord. In turn, the same mantle has fallen on him. Since their divine connection, Dr. Sturdivant’s ministry has been marked by the miraculous. Countless testimonies of actual resurrections from the dead, healing from cancer and astounding breakthroughs on every level speak to the authenticity of his ministry and God’s hand on His life.

A master teacher, Dr. Sturdivant has “studied to show himself approved to God” (II Timothy 2:15) and made a mark within the theological studies community. St. Thomas Christian College (Jacksonville, FL) conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree upon him and Dr. P.D. Sturdivant during the Silver Anniversary of Faith United Ministries and Dr. Sturdivant’s 30th preaching anniversary. These marks of distinction garnered attention from President Barack Obama; Prince George’s County Executive, Rushern L. Baker, III; and the Mayor of District Heights, MD -- The Honorable James L. Walls, Jr. Dr. Sturdivant also earned an undergraduate and master’s degree in Ministry. In turn, the sound Biblical truths he shares undoubtedly remind the world that holiness and excellence are the true hallmark of every Christ-follower.

Dr. Sturdivant was selected as the Guest Chaplain to offer prayer in the United States Senate in the presence of President Barack Obama, who was serving as the Illinois Senator at the time. He has also been recognized by political and community officials for his anointed and dynamic preaching style that transcends all social and ethnic barriers.

Dr. Sturdivant and his wife, Dr. Pamela D. Sturdivant, have been married for over 30 years and are the proud parents of four adult children.


Dr. Pamela D. Sturdivant is a multi-faceted teacher who has been assigned by God to liberate women from emotional, physical, and psychological bondages.   She consistently moves with a level of transparency that causes people to understand that God can and is waiting to heal the depths of pain that we experience.   The gift of God on her life moves her to minister with the skill and precision of a surgeon as she “rightly divides” God’s Word and is used to unlock the shackles that seek to hold His people.
Dr. Sturdivant’s down-to-earth yet powerful delivery of the Word has been instrumental in touching the lives of thousands of woman both nationally and internationally.  Noted for her signature teaching on “GENERATIONAL CURSES: BREAKING THE TIES THAT BIND,” Dr. Sturdivant’s passion for women has challenged women of all ages and ethnicities to reach their destiny with a greater sense of purpose and wholeness. Anointed with the gift of Administration, she has also been instrumental in Faith United Ministries’ operating in a level of excellence that reflects the character and integrity of Christ.  As the Proverbs women, Dr. Sturdivant  is also an entrepreneur and founder of  YOU-Nique Designs, a non-profit organization that hand crafts baskets and a wide array of  “one-of-a-kind”  gifts for all occasions. She uses all proceeds from this entity to further enhance the lives of broken women, worldwide.
The call of God on her life has been enhanced by her divine connection with her spiritual covering. A Native North Carolinian, Dr. Sturdivant has maximized the call on her life by consistently taking several courses in psychology, sociology, and theories in human behavior. Dr. Sturdivant is the wife of Pastor J.E. Sturdivant of Faith United Ministries. She is the proud mother of four wonderful children: J.Eric, Joel, JaNeise, and JaNette.