This ministry exists to help Faith United Ministries present the Word of God in an effective, efficient and contemporary manner. We assist our speakers and song leaders as they communicate during services and public assemblies.  We provide our preachers and teachers with the AV equipment they need for their classes. We also seek to enhance our assembly times with appropriate visual aids, illustrations and DVD presentations. Working with the latest and progressing forms of media, the audio/visual ministry works closely with our Pastors, ministers, teachers and music ministry. Our motto, "Don't just let it make it happen!" is one way to characterize what this area of ministry is all about.

The Audio/Video Ministry serves three main goals The first goal is to provide audio and visual enhancement during worship and teaching services conducted at F.U.M.  The second goal is to create both audio and video recordings of services and teaching sessions for archival and distribution purposes. The third and final goal is to incorporate all areas of technical media to include social media, internet and the like.


The Culinary Arts ministry seeks to radically advance the Kingdom of God by providing catering service to all ministries and events. Food brings people together and inviting people for a great meal is a non-evasive way to get them to the church and help them figure out the TRUE reason why they should be in the House of the LORD. The #1 goal of this ministry is to support existing ministries, and to give members in the church an opportunity to utilize their culinary gifts.
The ministry started February 2001, the most notable accomplishment of the ministry this far has been the 2012 Clothing and Food drive which feed over 100 men and women from area DMV shelters and provide food and toiletry items.


The Dance Ministry is to magnify the name of the Lord through dance. Praise dancing is not for show but it is a way to praise and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In order to fully accomplish this, the ministry as a whole must be in tune with the Holy Spirit.  The movements we use are to edify and encourage the body of Christ.  It is through our movements that we communicate with the Holy Spirit to usher people into HIS presence as the Lord sends healing, salvation, deliverance, peace, joy, freedom from bondage and miracles to HIS people. The Youth and Young Adult Dance Ministry dances with a purpose and believes that dancing should be done decently.


Empowered for life is the Sunday School ministry of F.U.M. and it has been a staple of our ministry since the early years that it has been in existence.  It is facilitated by teachers who come from various backgrounds but all share a passion for helping others to be the best they can be using God’s Word.  Our classes are broken down into several classes that are each designed to target specific age and gender groups.  Those who are being taught can feel comfortable that others in their class are similar to themselves, are of the same gender, and in the same stage in life as themselves.  To impart practical wisdom to the congregation of Faith United Ministries by teaching lessons that educate our members and visitors on how to effectively apply spiritual and biblical principles to their everyday lives.


The mission of GENERATION N.O.W. is to help at-risk youth and young adults achieve wholeness through increased learning opportunities and creating safe outlets for positive emotional expression. This program is also designed to provide fundamental support and facilitate personal growth through imparting life skills. 


The Hospitality Ministry was created to incorporate the Bereavement, CARE & VOM ministries.

The Bereavement Ministry was established to Assist and comfort others in their times of sorrow. The C.A.R.E. Ministry was established to comfort the bereaved, encourage the benevolent, pray for the down trodden, and sooth the broken hearted.  We aspire to provide comfort to the bereaved, and to introduce the lost to the love of God through C.A.R.E ‘s Outreach. The C.A.R.E Ministry is expanding its mission to include “Evangelistic Outreach.” 


The mission is to link heaven and earth. Our mandate is to intercede on behalf of people, places, situations and circumstances---and be a part of God’s plan to work on earth with and through us in accordance with His request in Ezekiel 22:30 ‘I sought for someone to build a wall and stand in the gap before me..”

Since its inception G.A.P has added an email address for personal prayer requests.  Simply fill out the form.  Each prayer submission receives a response with a personal prayer. G.A.P. also holds a conference line open from 9:30 – 10:30pm each Thursday night for anyone who wants to call in for prayer.

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The LAC Ministry is designed to help those who have been touched by cancer. Our services are available to anyone regardless of race, religion, or orientation. Our clients need not be a member of F.U.M to receive assistance. LAC Ministry was a vision of Dr. J.E. Sturdivant our Pastor.  Eight years ago, while ministering to one of his members as she went through cancer treatment,  Pastor spoke into her life, prayed and encouraged her and from this experience birthed this ministry. Pastor’s vision from God was to give her and others a reason to live and to know cancer is not unto death, but instead a rebirth for all who are touched by the disease. Currently there are 8 members in LAC:  4 are cancer survivors and, 4 have experienced cancer through loved ones.


Our goal is to take a proactive step to prevent marriages from reaching a state of distress and to revive those that are already in distress. We want to transform bad marriages, increase intimacy in good marriages, save the future of children, and bring new families into the ministry. Promote the value of couple and family relationships and are committed to continuous improvement through compassionate, proactive, and responsive communication. Learning and applying skills associated with good parenting, teamwork, sound blended families, and dealing with challenging extended families. Establish ways to develop your Marriage Ministry



“THE DIFFERENCE” is a music ministry that sets the atmosphere for God’s visitation and prepares the heart of the congregation as they wait to hear God’s preached Word. If you’re looking for a place that is both energetic and potent, allows you to fully and freely express your gift and you want to be a part of a ministry that believes in making a “DIFFERENCE” in the atmosphere…then this is the place for you!


The Protocol Ministry is a committed people our Pastor and Co-Pastor lean on to support the ministry through our service. We work diligently behind the scenes to help spread the Gospel message worldwide. Whatever the task, small or great, our goal is exemplify the heart of a servant through service. To provide world class service that is anointed by the Holy Spirit with the flexibility to minister to all who enter our church doors, regardless of ethnicity or social class.


The Security Ministry was established in 1997 to protect, defend and be ever watchful over the Pastor, Co-Pastor, First Family, members and visiting friends of Faith United Ministries against crime, attacks and danger.  Not only are we responsible for the safety of persons but also their personal belongings as long as they reside within the building or on the outside property of Faith United Ministries (FUM). Our motto states we are here to ‘Greet Serve and Protect’, the Bible states it this way in Job 24:23He (meaning God) gives them security, and they rely on it; Yet His eyes are on their ways.” Our team includes police officers, security guards and committed lay people who volunteer their time to protect God’s people and property.  Though we are in the house of God we are well aware we must deal with real life situations.  Notable situations have been:   interventions in domestic violence situations, escorted member to police station, and maintained crowd control while medical technicians examined and transported members to ambulances in medical emergencies.  


The mission of the Usher Ministry is to effectively and efficiently minister to the comfort of every individual entering the sanctuary by providing a high level of service, support and sanctuary management.  We do this by maintaining vigilance on available seating to ensure that members and guest are seated expeditiously.  The Usher Ministry also ensures the sanctuary is equipped with the necessary supplies for distribution to and for the comfort of the congregation.