I pray that all is well with you and everything concerning you.

LISTEN...I know that many of us are snowed in due to the inclement weather and are wondering "... Who What Where When Why and How?" As it relates to the order and protocol of both the service today and the FAST (for those who participated)... I've got GOOD NEWS for you (please read below)


- Be having our FIRST Holy Communion of 2019 on this coming Wednesday (January 16th) at 7:00PM...YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS.

For those who joined us in our CONSECRATION FAST over the past few days; we will be using this time to conclude our FAST (with communion, the anointing and prayer, as well as sowing our seed). We are also asking for those who participated in the FAST to PLEASE; set Wednesday aside to FAST from 6 until the conclusion of the service Wednesday night... in order for Wednesday to remain sacred (set aside) for God to "seal" what we have had deposited in us during our consecration. LET SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELUJAH!!

If in fact you did not participate in the consecration/FAST, IT'S NOT TOO LATE... you can start TODAY and still be apart of the anointing and join us in our communion celebration as well as sowing into what you are believing God for this year.

- Also, we are reminding EVERYONE to not forget about your tithes and offering. I know that you're wondering "When am I supposed to give it?" WELL.... the answer is on Wednesday as well. Join us in sowing your seed... the atmosphere will already be set for "good ground".

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday night at 7pm. Until then, stay safe, remain warm... and remember, this “2019 – IS THE YEAR THAT WE BECOME “INDOMITABLE… BECAUSE THERE IS GLORY AHEAD!”


JaNeise Sturdivant